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  • Welcome to this public wiki for collaboration on the Open Community Runtime (OCR).
  • The OCR project represents an instantiation of a future task-based execution model and related technologies and artifacts, which include productivity tools, benchmarks, demonstration applications, debuggers, profilers, and tutorials.
  • The content on this wiki is meant as a starting guide and to provide baseline common best-practices and guides.
  • This wiki is publicly readable. If you require edit rights, please see Getting Access.
  • NOTE: the content in this wiki is in the process of being migrated to the root page for the OCR project,

Wiki Documentation and Best Practices

The following flowchart provides a convenient visual guide to the Wiki. Please click on the box that interests you and follow along.

Xstack/Traleika Glacier Products

Traleika Glacier Research Products

Traleika Glacier Software Releases

Participation and Community

Co-Design and Application Workshops, Routine Meetings

  • We hold co-design and application workshops about twice a year.
  • We also hold regular meetings, including a weekly deep-dive on HPC technology topics.
  • Information about these workshops and meetngs is posted at the ECI Wiki Pages.
    • Those pages include logistics, dates, agenda, and contact information.

Code Repositories and Mailing Lists

Purpose Access Registration Required URL Notes
Mailing Lists R/O Only for subscribing You will be automatically subscribed to the relevant lists when you register for various access levels or as a code contributor.
Public OCR Code repository R/O No See GIT repositories for access information
Public OCR Apps repository R/O No See GIT repositories for access information
Public TG Code repository R/O No See GIT repositories for access information
Bug Tracking R/W Only for editing See GIT repositories for access information
Code review and writeable repository R/W Only for submission of patches See GIT repositories for access information
Regression Tests R/O No This is fully automated

Examples, Tutorials, and Applications

Associated websites

  • Refer to the ECI Wiki Pages for related programs and technologies


  • OCR has been under development for several years. The OCR initial public release announcement is posted as well. Significant contributors have included:
    • Rice University, Intel Corporation, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, Univ. of Calif. at San Diego, Reservoir Labs, EQware, ET International, Univ. of Delaware, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • A larger community participates in using OCR and related technologies, including:
    • Sandia National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Georgia Tech, and more.
  • We encourage and seek out broader community involvement - whether for the design and evolution of OCR, programmer productivity frameworks, tools, or other aspects of the broader ECI Project Portfolio.

OCR Documents and Releases

General Notice and Disclaimer

Publication Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

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